Free Bets

Free bets are basically free balances which are given to players for either signing up for an account on a particular site or for continuing to make use of their services. By definition, these bets do not involve any risk and the most important point behind free betting is that you get the chance to win something without actually risking anything. Because of this, the concept of a free bet is often considered as one of the best characteristics of online betting and gambling. For some, it’s a form of marketing, but a lot of people generally enjoy it.

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However, it’s also important to remember that free bets are always attached to certain conditions. These conditions are meant to limit your options and, at the same time, act as a sort of general introduction to the services of the betting website which offers them. For example, in many cases, you can only use your free bets in one go, and you are forbidden to split up the amount between different options or selections.

Due to these constraints, it’s important that you always read the terms and conditions of a particular website in regards to free betting. If you were to make a bet on items which are outside the scope of free betting then you could easily lose your free bet balances without winning anything.

Free Bets

On the other hand, in using a free bet, it’s important to remember that there is no correct or incorrect way to use a free bet. Like other forms of gambling, some strategies and options are better than others, but it’s really a matter of taste, so it’s your call. Free bets are usually just credited into a user’s balance, after which he or she will be free to bet the amount in whatever way they like. You will also need to indicate on your bet slip that you want to use your free bet balance as oppose to your actual balance if you want to make a free bet.

Free bets are also given after a particular amount has been bet by the punter. These amounts usually vary and they are given to the punters who open accounts with their bookmakers. In a lot of cases, free bets usually match the amount that was first staked by the punter, but it varies. There are different kinds of free betting, and they have their own set of terms and guidelines, although they are usually not that different from each other.

Finally, it’s worth pointing out that a free bet will have a time limit. What this means, of course, is that if you don’t use your free balance within the allotted amount of time, they will be removed. Also, in certain cases, if your account remains open too long before you place the initial stake then it’s possible that the free bet may not be credited. Because of these time limits, it’s important that you read the free bet rules carefully in order to make the most out of your free bets.

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Bookmaker Free Bet  Offers

There are different type of free bet offers available from bookmakers so be sure to read the terms and conditions before joining.

Types Of Free Bets

There are many types of free bet offers we have listed the different types below for you.

Deposit match free bet – Get the same amount as your first deposit as a free bet or bonus.

No deposit required free bet – Like it says you won’t have to deposit any cash to claim this free bet offer.

Target based free bet – Usually, these types of an offer are based on you betting on a horse for example with your free bet and if it wins you get another free bet.

Unlock-able free bet – This type of offer has to be unlocked usually via wager requirement or staking requirements. For example, you will need to place 5 bets of £5 or more at odds of 2/1 or more to receive a free bet of £5.

Free betting clubs – Some bookmakers also cater for their existing customers with free betting clubs. Usually, you are required to stake a certain amount each week to receive a free bet every week.


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