Tips on Choosing the Top Paying Slot Machine

Tips on Choosing the Top Paying Slot Machine

Playing slots may seem to be the easiest game to play in both land-based and online casino. It is a very straightforward game as it does not take rocket science to figure out how to play slots. But really, it is a struggle to figure out the workings of a slot machine in order to beat it!

The house edge in slots is almost always higher compared with other casino games. Slots players have no opponents while playing, and this is a big factor in pacing their game. Since they play solo and do not have to wait for their turn to play, this could mean playing at a very fast pace without caution or care if they are actually winning or not.

Here are three things to consider when playing slots.

Learn the “Game”

It is a breeze to actually figure out the basics of a slot machine. There are the numbers of paylines, bet amount configuration, autoplay, and button to spin. However, you should also learn the actual game features of a particular slot game such as the rules, bonus features, winning paylines to increase your chances of winning.

You can test slot games for free as most online casinos offer free play mode to let players get a “feel” of the game before they play for real money. While at it, consider online casinos that offer no deposit slot bonus in case you are ready to bet real money. Make sure your focus is on the slot bonuses, multipliers and free spins and not on how great the graphics and background music are.

Know the Payouts

Winning money in slot games is also understanding about payouts. All slot machines have a predetermined percentage of a player’s total bet that is due to them, or payback (payout). To maximize your winnings, it is best to choose a game with the highest percentage of payout. Estimated payout or payback and Return to player (RTP) computations are not always spot-on as they are averaged out or more than a thousand slot games.

An 85% to 95% payback is the norm. This means that for every $100 a player spends on a slot, he gets from $85 to $95 while the $15 to $10 will go back to the casino as profit. Note that slots with higher wagering denominations usually have higher payouts percentage.

Which slot game is best for you?

It is true that slot games are quite random with odds that are less than ideal. But you play it anyway hoping that you do win, and probably for the sheer fun and entertainment. There are no straight rules on how to pick a winning slot but you might want to consider your playing history, your bankroll and your tenacity to play.

Remember though that the simpler the machine, the higher the payout percentage. And that slots with glitzier graphics have the worst odds!

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