Virtual Dog Racing

Virtual Dog Racing

Welcome to our virtual dog racing section here you can learn everything you need to know about online games for racing training or breeding virtual greyhounds online.

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What Is Virtual Dog Racing?

It's just like real greyhound racing but you watch your dog race in a 2d or 3d viewer it cannot get ill or injured and it costs a hell of a lot less to own and race them and in most cases these games are completely free!

You may have seen virtual dog races shown in your local bookmaker shop or on the internet at some point. How would it feel to be watching it knowing that it was owned by you?

Where Can I Play Virtual Dog Racing Games?

Below is a list of sites offering virtual racing games that are free to play online and require no log in or membership ,V irtual dog games are amazing if your into dog racing and cant afford a real one a virtual one is next best thing ..

Ladbrokes - Virtual Dogs  - 3d Viewer , Bet on the winner ,  Place markets forecast and trio bets also available , Can be played for free too.
Blue Square - Virtual Dogs  - Same as ladbrokes really 3d viewer , also offers demo play (no deposit required to play for free).
Bet Fred - Virtual Dogs  - Another very similar game to the other two also offering free play , also Virtual horse racing is free to play here too.
Coral - Virtual Greyhounds  - Corals virtual greyhound game is very addictive , play for cash or for free its a good dog game.
Greyhound Racer Rampage  - Free game and tons of other free games here
Greyhound Manager 2  - Free demo of this pc game to download
Virtual Horse Race - A Great virtual horse and dog racing website
Greyhound Racing Tycoon  - Wait for the annoying ad to finish and the game loads , pretty basic but good

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Raceclubs - is a free to play or play for real cash virtual horse racing game , you can also watch your horse race in 3d! Join Here

Are Virtual Greyhound Racing Games Free To Play?

Yes nearly all virtual dog games online are free to play (demo play) but then also have an option to play for real money once you have learnt the game as a beginner and moved up to a pro and think you can start putting your money where your mouth is and win big.  - Will be a free game to play when its ready , check it out see what you think.

How Much Can I Win?

This depends on a lot of factors like how good you are at the game and how well you have learnt it , You will need a lot of time and effort aswell as some cash to back you up to make some  money for your troubles but theres no reason why you cant make thousands in time.

Can You Breed Your Own Virtual Dogs Too?

Yes most games offer this too , You can also make money hiring out your dogs for breeding to other members and use your own breeded pups to race.

Can I Sell My Virtual Greyhound?

Aswell as being able to buy virtual dogs you can also sell them at Auction usually going to the highest bidder some can attract quite high price tags , Please note however you cant usually sell a greyhound you where given for free but you can always sell a dog that you have bought in auction or bred yourself in your kennel.

How Do I Enter Races ?

Nominating is easy click on your dog and there is usually an option for entering races , Every site is different however anmd its usually best to read each particular sites FAQ section.

If you do struggle however we are always happy to help you out in your journey to be a top trainer in the virtual racing world.

so stay tuned we will be adding some more free virtual dog racing game website reviews soon. If you have a website please contact us so we can add it here.

Last updated: 7 April 2016 at 10:25

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