5 Sports Betting Mistakes That Beginners Should Avoid

5 Sports Betting Mistakes

5 Sports Betting Mistakes That Beginners Should Avoid

Making a profit from sports betting is the ultimate goal for many bettors but is never easy. To achieve this utopian scenario, it takes time, dedication and discipline. And even the most accomplished professionals make mistakes along the way.

Remember, you are competing against top bookmakers with huge budgets and dozens of specialist employees whose job it is to make sure that they come out on top. Having said that, the majority of their customers are casual gamblers who only bet for fun. This makes it easier for the betting companies to guarantee a profit but it also means that there are opportunities for smart gamblers to take advantage.

Of course, the bookmakers can sometimes get it completely wrong themselves – take the 2016 UK Referendum for example – but you cannot rely on such freak results. Instead, you can start by avoiding the common mistakes that many novice bettors make to give yourself an edge in the marketplace.

5 Sports Betting Mistakes That Beginners Should Avoid

  1. Don’t bet for the sake of it

Many bettors decide they are going to place a bet before they have even looked at the markets. Betting for the sake of it is a habit that you should always avoid. Before you commit to placing a bet, you should look at the marketplace and see what’s available. If you can’t find a bet that offers the right balance of probability and value, then don’t bet at all. Remember, if you don’t bet, you can’t lose, so never part with your money unless you have found a bet that meets all of your criteria.

  1. Don’t get emotional

Watching your favourite sport can take you on a rollercoaster of emotions but, when it comes to betting, you need to be the king or queen of cool. Letting your gut feelings or intuition dictate your betting strategy is a mistake and one that will cost you in the long term. So if you are tempted to back your favourite team in the bet365 Premier League betting markets, always make sure that you have eliminated any personal influence from your decision. Every bet you place should be picked with sound reason and backed up by statistical analysis.

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  1. Be self-critical

When you lose, you need to be totally honest with yourself: Was it just bad luck (after all, you can’t win them all) or did you make a bad call? Today’s most successful bettors study science, maths, and even human behaviour to develop their ideal betting strategies and analysing mistakes is an important part of this. If you lost because of lack of research or by placing an impulsive bet, you need to acknowledge your mistake, learn from it and move on. If you keep a betting log (and you should), you can make notes next to your losses to record your obvious errors.

  1. Ignore peer pressure

Receiving a tip, whether it’s from a friend, an insider, or a man in a bar, should never be enough reason to place a bet. Always run the stats yourself, weigh up the value and make an informed decision before you place any bet, no matter what the source of the tip.

  1. Know your limits

Once you start gambling on a regular basis, there is always a temptation to explore more and more markets. If you have an in-depth knowledge of multiple sports, this might not be a problem, but if you find yourself looking at sports that you know little about, think twice before betting. By sticking to sports that you understand you will be more aware of external factors that could affect outcomes such as injuries, suspensions, weather, and other off-field influences.