Avoid rubbish mobile casinos with these 5 simple questions

Choosing a mobile casino should be relatively easy right? Just start a quick search on Google; soon you will have all sorts of sites flaunting bonuses and other treats to tempt you in. And that sounds great in theory. But in reality, there could be many less obvious reasons to definitely not choose the site with the “too good to be true” deposit match bonus. So here’s five quick questions to ask before signing up to your next mobile casino:

#1 What are the terms and conditions like?

Terms and conditions are usually a good place to start when determining the quality of a casino site. The welcome bonus in particular gives a clear indication of just how fair the site really is. If the wagering is too harsh or there are numerous niggling restrictions, then chances are this might be a stinker. Aside from the opening bonus, we’d also recommend taking a look at their promotions and the respective terms attached to these. Not only does this give you an idea of the offers to expect – but it also gives you a further fairness insight.

#2 What kind of games are available?

When you sign up at a mobile casino, it’s only right to expect a decent range of games to enjoy. And there’s really no excuse nowadays with quality software providers like NetEnt and Microgaming around. So before you part ways with your details at your next potential gambling hotspot, click over to the games page and see what’s on offer.

#3 How easy is the site to use?

Struggling to find a sign up button or a link to the games page? If you’re having any trouble using the site, an immediate alarm bell should be ringing in your head. Usability is a key feature of any mobile casino site and one of the reasons they are rapidly growing in popularity. Registering at a bad mobile site will just lead to frustration… and a potential mobile phone repair once you throw your device out of the nearest window.

#4 What’s the payment processing like?

Before you fork over your hard earned wonga, you are going to want to see what the websites payment processing is like. Once again, not all sites are equal. Some casinos may process same day… while others may take their cool time, waiting for you to reverse the cash and play in frustration. Don’t give your money to one of these sites; have a look at their banking page or FAQ to get a good estimation of when monies will be processed. You could even potentially check out past player reviews.

#5 Can I get help if I need it?

Things go wrong at even the best mobile casinos. And that’s okay, no site is ever perfect. The mark of a good site however, is how they deal with the situation. Next site you are contemplating signing up to, have a look at their customer support page. If you can access the team by live chat, phone and other messengers, then you’re all set. If the only contact options are an email form and option to send snail mail however – then you may wish to turn and retreat.