Tipstrr Review

tipstrr review

This is my Tipstrr review. Tipstrr is a platform for tipsters to make a name for themselves in the sport of their choosing whether its Horse Racing, Football, Tennis or even Baseball Tipstrr has it covered.

The platform is free to join and once you do you will have immediate access to free tipping services across all sports as well as thousands of premium tipsters too, Sign up to Tipstrr for free here.

How Does Tipstrr Work?

Tipstrr is simple a tipster can create a portfolio on the website and begin adding selections for their chosen sport for example Horse Racing. They choose the selection and the bookmaker that offers the best odds at the time, add their write up and post the selection to their portfolio page.

You as a user visit their portfolio page to view their selections and read their write-ups if they provide one, you then place the bets and away you go. Tipstrr verifies all selections for you so there is no way that a tipster can manipulate their results.

Join Tipstrr Here For Free And Try Their Free And Paid Tipsters Out

Tipstrr Review – Paid Tipsters Or Free Tipsters?

Both! well, Tiptrr has two separate sections one is the free tipster services which generally are not as good as the paid services and the paid services section which offers professional services. There are thousands of free tipsters for all sports on the Tiptrr network and the website enables you to filter out the very best ones by either ROI, Profit or Win percentages.

Tipstrr Pro

The very best tipsters on their platform which have shown themselves to be successful over a long period of time as well as providing quality selections and write-ups. Selections are given in good time and the tipster stays in contact with their users via posts and promotions and sometimes social media too.

Finding The Most Successful Tipsters

Tiptrr enables you to filter out tipsters either by selecting on form, established or free. There is also a filters option (see image below) this enables you to filter services out by profit for periods of up to 12 months which makes the most sense.

tipstrr guide

As you can see by applying filters to profit. premium and 12 months I find the most reliable tipsters on the platform at present. You can also change premium to free and find the very best free tipsters for all sports.

Join Tipstrr Here For Free And Try Their Free And Paid Tipsters Out

Tipstrr Review

I really like Tipstrr there are always plenty of offers on memberships for premium services that are in form as well as thousands of free tipster services no matter what sport you want to bet on. Like I said it is completely free to join which is a major plus and you can literally gain access to free tips daily from their database of tipster services.

The website performs well and it’s easy to find what you are looking for. Tipstrr Pro excels when it comes to finding the best paid tipsters on the internet, there are literally some world class services on there.

Free Credit

Tipstrr has given me around £20 since I joined to spend on premium tipster services as free credit which I found useful for trying services out before I committed my own money to the cause. I often read tipster reviews before joining a service but with the free credit I could go one step further and join and find out the truth for myself with no cost.

tipstrr app review

The Tipstrr App

The newest addition to Tipstrr is their awesome mobile app that makes it easy to follow tipsters on the go especially if you are subscribed to a premium tipster you will get notifications whenever they post a selection.

The app performed well on my basic smartphone and I often use the app when I go to the horse racing and to be honest I think it has helped my win rate a lot because I can’t pick my nose let alone a winner.

Customer Service

The Tipstrr team are brilliant they can always provide a solution to any issue you may come across. A modern and vibrant bunch who make use of today’s tech and apps in order to give you many options for getting in touch with them.

Join Tipstrr Here For Free And Try Their Free And Paid Tipsters Out

I hope you enjoyed reading my Tipstrr review I have confidence in the fact that you will enjoy your experience there. Have you used the Tipstrr paltofrm or any of its free and paid tipster services? Please add a review below if you have.

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