What Is A Lucky 15

what is a lucky 15

What is a lucky 15 when it comes to betting?

In horse racing betting especially you may of heard the term lucky 15 a lot as its a very popular bet with punters. However many of you wont know what it is so allow us to enlighten you and reveal all about the lucky 15 bet.

Its called a lucky 15 as it is 15 bets in one. In other words its a type of permutation bet, you pick 4 selections on horse racing for example and the lucky 15 covers them with singles doubles trebles and an accumulator.


What is a lucky 15

When we think what is a lucky 15 we must think of the bets it consists of and a Lucky 15 bet consists of these 15 bets…

  • 4 x single bets
  • 6 x doubles
  • 4 x trebles
  •  1 x four-fold

The single bets are staked on each horse separately so if you get only one winner you win something back at least (depending on the odds). The doubles require at least two winners, the trebles at least 3 winners and obviously the fourfold a minimum of four winners.

So as you can see the lucky 15 is a full cover bet when it comes to horses. It is a good way of covering all angles without going through the lengthy process of working out how many doubles and trebles you require if writing on a blank betting slip.

The lucky 15 also sometimes has an exclusive bonus offer where if you only get one winner they will either double the odds or add an extra 10% on to your winnings.

You may note as we go through the types of lucky bets that the amount of bets significantly increases the more selections you place and thus will require a lot more stake.

The payouts from lucky 15 bets with all four selections being correct can be massive.

Other Lucky 15 style bets

There are other bets similar to the lucky 15 and follow the same process as it however they are called something slightly different yet very similar. these are the lucky 31 and the lucky 63 bets.

What is a Lucky 31

A lucky 31 is 31 bets instead of 15 and is based upon 5 selections instead of four like the lucky 15 is. They consist of the following bet combinations.

  • 5 x single bets
  • 10 x doubles
  • 10 x trebles
  • 5 x fourfolds
  • 1 x fivefold

What is a lucky 63

A lucky 63 is 63 bets and is based upon 6 selections instead of five like the lucky 31 bet is. They consist of the following bet combinations.

  • 6 x single bets
  • 15 x doubles
  • 20 x trebles
  • 15 x fourfolds
  • 6 x fivefolds
  • 1 x sixfold

Bookmakers That Offer Lucky 15 bets are Bet365 , Betfred , William Hill and Skybet you can place them online and in store.

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