Why Free Bets Offers are Better than Ever

Free Bets Offers

Over the last few years there has been increasing pressure on the gambling industry to promote safe and responsible gambling and for the gambling industry to clean up its act. There have been several high profile media stories such as the fixed odds betting terminal (FOBT) crackdown that have damaged the gambling industry’s reputation.

For too long the gambling industry has been like the wild west with loose regulation and some morally dubious practices from betting and casino operators in their pursuit of new customers. Often free bet and casino bonus offers were misleading or contained overly complicated terms and conditions which were usually hidden in some obscure corner of the site to further confuse the customer.

While some may fear the “nanny state” getting involved in the Gambling industry and threatening their freedom to bet online, when it comes to customers getting a fair deal increased and improved regulation is a positive thing.

One improvement across gambling sites and gambling advertisements is that the terms and conditions are much more prominent and visible. As a customer, this lets you quickly scan which offers you want to take and whether you agree to the terms and conditions of the offer.

The terms and conditions on free bet offers includes things like country restrictions, lower odds limits and sometimes even a turn requirement. With turn requirement offers you have to bet your winnings a certain amount of times before you are allowed to withdraw. Thankfully the industry seems to be moving away from turn requirement deals. For instance, Bet365 ditched turn requirements on their free bet offer and many others have made similar moves. What we are seeing is a growing trend to simplify the t&Cs so the offer is fairer to the customer. In the past customers were often cynically locked into bogus “free money” deals in which they would deposit into an online casino or bookmaker but then struggle to withdraw the deposit or any winnings due to a failure to meet the harsh turn requirements rules in place.

Free Bets Offers

One particular type of new customer bet offer that has increased since regulation is free spins. The beauty of these slot machine offers is that they often come without a turn requirement. Whereas prior to regulation a casino may have led with a £1000 bonus offer with numerous near impossible to beat t&c’s, the leading offer is now often free spins. Often free spin deals have a smaller monetary value around £5-£10, but can be played for free and the new customer can keep the winnings and has no risk of losing a deposit through failing to meet turn requirement rules.

This change is long overdue and it makes sense for operators across the board to offer smaller but fairer rewards for new customers rather than larger near impossible to achieve rewards.

The hope for the future is that a balanced approach remains. The principal of offering free bets and casino bonuses is no different to the practice of offering rewards for changing credit cards or bank accounts. It would be bad for customers for the gambling commission to go too far and put a blanket ban on new customer free bet and bonus offers and would give online operators little room to differentiate their brand in the crowded online space. Such an approach would lead to only the top brands surviving giving customers less choice and fewer rewards.

Equally important is that fairness is maintained and gambling offers that are given that are fair and transparent. Gambling operators need new customers and customers should be rewarded for trying out a new brand with a decent introductory offer and not mislead or coerced into joining.

If you wish to keep up to date with gambling offers you can visit these UK free bet and casino offers. For those who want to maximise the value they get from online gambling it makes sense to compare the offers available rather than stay loyal to one brand. Loyalty to a certain sports or casino brand can sometimes be rewarded with existing customer offers, but generally, you can get better new customer offers than existing customer offers so it pays to shop around. There are even certain online websites that specialise in showing you how to turn free bets into a profit through matched betting so for the savvy punter taking on lots of new gambling offers could prove very lucrative indeed.