Roulette is arguably the most popular and exciting casino game for punters to enjoy, but many struggle to make a sizeable profit from playing.

Perhaps the biggest reason is a lack of game plan or a roulette betting strategy that actually works. Here, we take you through the five best tips to win at the tables, whether that’s online or in a land-based casino.

1. Understanding the odds Most novices will likely place a bet on one number in the hope that it comes in and they win big. Granted, this does happen but it’s a rarity and even more so for someone who doesn’t fully understand the game. Splitting the value of your chip across a variety of numbers will give you a much better chance of winning, even if the pay-out is not as great as lumping everything on one number. If preferred, punters can bet their chip on an entire row or column to increase the chance of winning further. It sounds obvious to approach the tables this way but for those who aren’t fully up to speed with how the statistical side of roulette works, mirroring this approach will only benefit the more times the punter plays.

2. Appreciate the house wins more often than not  As silly as it sounds, punters can walk into a casino or play online with the mind-set that they are going to win. No matter whether they have a style or strategy to call upon, and it’s naïve to approach roulette in such a way. Understandably, there are a lot more losers than winners when it comes to gambling, not just in roulette. Therefore, if somebody is serious about taking on the dealer and striking up a tidy profit from their time on the tables, appreciating the concept of the game and casino’s in general is a necessity.

3. Save profits Whether a player is accumulating large winnings or is simply adding smaller returns as they go, it’s always a good idea to try and save half of all profits from each hand. Now, it’s a lot easier said than done, considering the mind-set of a punter who would naturally, want to keep playing big to reach a  massive win. By adopting this approach, it can go along way in ensuring that you leave the table with some kind of profit, and you’ll likely be in the game for longer as you steadily increase funds. Some players might increase their stake if they are winning but again, to ensure a player does leave the table in profit, sticking to original principles of halving all profits will ensure this.

4. Adopt different betting systems There are many different betting systems that players use when it comes to roulette. The Martingale System is perhaps the most popular and widely used, especially amongst newbies. The Anti-Martingale System is another popular betting system and works in the opposite way of the MartingaleSystem, oddly enough. Other include the Laboucher System and Red System, which work in a more sophisticated and complex way to the Martingale Systems. Again, there is no guarantee that these four systems, or any of the hundreds out there do work, but if you’re serious about winning, it’s advised to adopt different betting systems.

5. Don’t punt more than you can afford Again, it sounds obvious but it’s probably the most important facet of playing roulette in a land-based casino or online. Many a punter will just hopelessly bet anything and everything they’ve got in hope of landing a big payout. More often than not, the player is left out of pocket and even if a small win did amount throughout the course of the game, they’ll be chasing larger profits to compensate for their losses. Online casinos are the best options for those who feel they want some kind of restrictions on what they can stake at the tables. Penny roulette is a very popular game whereby users can stake anything between a penny and £25,000.

Although it’s not advisable to bet the maximum suggested here, players have complete control with what they wish to and can afford to spend. Try the game here:

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