Bonus Buy Slots – Unveiling the Enigma

September 3, 2023
Bonus Buy Slots

Bonus buy slots represent a fascinating facet of the world of online slot machines, offering players the opportunity to dip into their fund balance to acquire a bonus round. In the conventional scenario, players must trigger this feature by aligning winning symbols. However, with the feature buy option, one can circumvent the arduous process of landing free spin icons.

The credit for the inception of bonus buy slots goes to the innovative software provider, Big Time Gaming, who introduced this concept with their release of “White Rabbit.” This groundbreaking slot allowed players to directly access the bonus feature with a nominal fee added to their initial stake. Thus, the era of bonus buy slots was ushered in.

Presently, the landscape is adorned with numerous online slots that offer the tantalizing possibility of purchasing bonuses. Irrespective of the online casino you choose, you can rest assured that you’ll encounter a plethora of slots equipped with this unique feature. Now, let’s delve into the cost associated with procuring a bonus buy.

Kindly note that bonus buy slots are not accessible in the United Kingdom. The slot machines themselves remain playable, but UK-based players are precluded from engaging in the feature buy option.

Calculating the Price of Bonus Buy Feature

While the online casino bonus buy feature is undeniably appealing, it comes at a price. In many instances, this cost ranges from 50 to 150 times your original stake, or even higher. The precise amount you are charged is determined by estimating the number of rounds the game would typically undergo before the bonus round activates through traditional means. Consequently, the price tag varies across the spectrum of feature buy slots.

As an illustrative example, consider the “Machina” slot, where the acquisition of 18 free spins would set you back a hefty 337 times your initial stake. Clearly, this represents a substantial investment for a bonus buy. It’s imperative to acknowledge that the feature buy option is far from risk-free. Therefore, it is advisable to assess the potential risks before venturing into this terrain.

Contrastingly, when one plays slots in the traditional manner, there is a likelihood of obtaining returns through winnings in the Base Game and a prospect of triggering the bonus round at any juncture. On the other hand, when one opts for the feature buy-in online slots, there exists a palpable risk of incurring substantial losses.

The preference for Bonus Buy Features versus the traditional gameplay is subjective, with neither approach being inherently right or wrong. The choice boils down to individual preferences and inclinations. Another factor you may consider when choosing bonus buy games is how high the RTP of the slot is.

Surveying the Landscape of Bonus Games

Almost every slot game features a Bonus Game, albeit not all of them offer the option of purchasing bonuses. The availability of this feature usually hinges on the game’s provider and whether the slot is part of the community jackpot slots category.

Some providers staunchly eschew the inclusion of Bonus Buy slots in their portfolio, while others have adopted this feature across the board. In fact, even providers traditionally averse to Bonus Buy Features have started incorporating them into their offerings. The inexorable rise in popularity of these features has compelled game developers to stay competitive. Fortunately for UK players, there remains the opportunity to attain bonuses through conventional means. Sometimes, this may even confer an advantage.

Unveiling the Finest Bonus Buy Slots

Now that we have comprehensively explored the intricacies of bonus buy slots, it is time to peruse the crème de la crème of these offerings. However, please note that access to the feature buy option is not available to UK-based players.

  1. Money Train 2 Developed by Relax Gaming, this captivating slot allows players to unlock the Money Cart Bonus Feature for a fee of 100 times their stake. The activation of the Money Train 2 bonus buy triggers on the subsequent spin following payment. The base game boasts an RTP of 96.4%, which escalates to a staggering 98% upon activation of the bonus buy feature. It is imperative to note that the bonus round’s volatility is rather high. Nevertheless, Money Train 2 distinguishes itself with an array of exciting features, thrilling gameplay, and consistent payouts. In fact, it ranks among the most-played slot games in 2023.
  2. Extra Chili Megaways Big Time Gaming, known for its groundbreaking casino games, presents Extra Chilli Megaways, a classic slot boasting cascading reels that promise an exhilarating gaming experience. Moreover, this game features a bonus buy option. For a cost equivalent to 50 times your stake, you can activate the Free Spins Bonus Round, which commences with 8 free spins. Those preferring the traditional route can trigger the bonus round by landing 3 or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. Opting for the bonus buy route ensures immediate access to the action and a higher RTP.
  3. 300 Shields Extreme NextGen Gaming’s 300 Shields Extreme is a slot that epitomizes intensity and ferocity. This revamped classic offers an impressive bonus buy feature, obtainable for 60 times your stake. This feature grants players free spins coupled with a higher multiplier. To activate the free spins round via the conventional method, you must land a minimum of 3 scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. Revel in the feature drop and proceed directly to the free spins feature.
  4. Genie Jackpots Megaways One compelling reason to try your luck in Blueprint Gaming’s Genie Jackpots Megaways is the plethora of bonus buy features awaiting discovery. With enticing features like Wild Megaways, Genie Wilds, Genie Wild Spins, and Bonus Megaways, this slot promises an engaging and thrilling experience. Those unwilling to wait for the bonus rounds to organically trigger can opt for the bonus buy option, which costs 100 times the stake. This choice yields random bonus features, accompanied by free spins ranging from 10 to 20. Moreover, the feature can be re-triggered, delivering additional free spins. Genie Jackpots Megaways ranks among Blueprint Gaming’s most beloved slots, largely due to its feature buy option.
  5. Medusa Megaways This remake of a classic slot by NextGen Gaming boasts a myriad of reasons to try your luck. The slot’s bonus round is replete with limitless win multipliers and wilds, enhancing the odds of forming winning combinations. Additionally, players can opt for the bonus buy feature, requiring a payment equivalent to 100 times the stake. What sets Medusa Megaways apart is the unique ability to request a refund and receive another bonus if the initial one falls short of expectations. Among casino streamers, this slot is a frequent topic of discussion, highlighting its popularity.

Are Bonus Buy Slots Worth the Gamble?

Games featuring the bonus buy mechanism are not inherently complex. In essence, they are the same casino games available in online casinos, with the added option of purchasing bonus rounds. However, the key distinction lies in the ability to utilize real money to activate these bonus rounds, as opposed to the conventional method of triggering them organically. It’s a form of gambling, and as such, entails an element of risk.

Nonetheless, it’s crucial to acknowledge the allure of bonus buy features. They often come with a higher Return to Player (RTP), elevating your chances of winning. Bonus rounds also tend to offer more substantial rewards compared to base games. Thus, having expedited access to them can significantly enhance your odds of securing lucrative prizes. Indeed, the allure of bonus games frequently serves as the primary motivation for players delving into the world of online slots.

It’s worth noting that the ability to buy bonuses may be restricted when playing with Bonus Funds. Players who have availed themselves of a UK Slots deposit bonus should verify whether bonus buy options are permissible with their funds. Even if permitted, the wagering contribution may differ or be nonexistent when using a Bonus Buy Feature. Consequently, in some instances, it might be more prudent to engage in traditional slot gameplay. Failure to adhere to the casino’s terms while using bonus funds could result in the forfeiture of winnings, an outcome best avoided, especially in the event of a substantial win.

Embarking on the Journey of Feature Buy Slot Games

For players weary of perpetually awaiting the organic activation of bonus rounds, the inclusion of a bonus buy feature in slot games is a welcome respite. These games are readily available in numerous online casinos, with a diverse selection catering to various preferences and expectations.

It’s essential to note that not all slots incorporate this feature, so players desiring its benefits should carefully select a slot equipped with this option. Importantly, the addition of the feature buy option is the prerogative of the slot’s developers rather than the casinos themselves. For those curious about the potential for winning money while engaging in slots with this feature, rest assured that it is indeed possible.

Navigating the Bonus Buy Landscape in the UK

Regrettably, players seeking slots where bonus purchases are available will face disappointment in the UK. The UK Gambling Commission instituted a ban on feature buy slots in 2019, citing concerns that players were depositing more than usual to access bonuses. This regulatory move was primarily driven by a commitment to promoting responsible gambling and player protection.

In summary, bonus buy slots in the UK have become obsolete, with no reputable casinos offering them. Players are advised to abstain from engaging in bonus buy slots at casinos lacking a UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) or Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) license, as these might pose risks.

Discovering Where to Play Bonus Buy Slots

For players eager to embark on the bonus buy experience, the hunt for an appropriate online casino is in order. Titles such as “White Rabbit,” “Extra Chilli,” and “Fat Santa” can be enjoyed at most MGA casinos, catering to players outside the UK. It’s essential to exercise

caution and play with funds that are affordable to lose when engaging in bonus buys. Remember to prioritize responsible gaming while savoring the action.

Some of the Premier Online Casinos Allowing Bonus Purchases Include:

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“Super Buy” options are advanced versions of conventional Bonus Buy slots, offering enhanced features at a slightly higher cost. Some slots reward players with additional spins or unique features when they land more scatter symbols, and Super Bonus Buys provide access to these richer variations of the standard bonus. Game providers like Nolimit City often feature Super Buys in their slots, while Elk Studios, Quickspin, and Hacksaw Gaming have also adopted this approach. These options are favored by those seeking monumental wins but also come with increased volatility and risk.

It’s essential to tread carefully when considering Super Buys, as slots are increasingly embracing higher volatility, presenting the potential for significant rewards but also the risk of losing everything swiftly. Some cautionary tales within the gaming community serve as stark reminders of the rapid turn of fortunes when dealing with Super Buys.

To summarize, while Bonus Buy slots offer an enticing shortcut to bonus rounds, the decision to engage in them should be made judiciously, taking into account both the potential rewards and risks involved. And for players in the UK, where Bonus Buy slots have been phased out, the search for these features should lead to international casinos with reputable licenses.

In your pursuit of gaming excitement, always prioritize responsible gambling and the enjoyment of the action. Happy gaming! Always gamble responsibly.

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