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    Hacksaw Gaming

Vending Machine Slot Review 2023

Welcome to this Vending Machine Slot Review, Seeking a blend of entertainment and relaxation in the world of gaming? Allow us to introduce you to the enigmatic realm of the Vending Machine slot. Crafted by the ingenious minds at Hacksaw Gaming, this particular slot ventures into a more tranquil domain compared to the studio’s usual offerings. We pass no judgments here, but the paytable opens with a rather inviting statement: “Vibe check! Feeling good? Great! Then kick back and relax with us for a while.” It almost resembles a job posting from a trendy tech company, seeking youthful, hip coders to join their mission of coolness that spans the global community. Please note, that we refrain from judgment; instead, let’s venture into the world of the Vending Machine slot and explore their influence on our aura.

One intriguing aspect that immediately captures attention within the Vending Machine slot is a unique scene portraying a youthful individual casually enjoying a book while holding a mobile phone. This nocturnal setting, accompanied by a crescent moon casting its glow, sets an ambiance rarely encountered in the realm of slots. It’s a puzzle determining the precise demographic this slot targets. Perhaps hip millennials or Gen-Zers? Pinning it down precisely proves challenging. Perhaps the best course of action is to heed the paytable’s call to relax, unwind, and let the journey unfold.

vending machine slot review gameplay

Base Game And Symbols

The Vending Machine slot The base game of Vending Machine Adorning the side of the in-game vending machine is a 5×5 grid matrix housing 35 paylines for win evaluation. Wins must commence from the leftmost reel, with a theoretical win frequency of 43.64% on the default 96.28% RTP version. It’s worth noting that three other return models exist. Regardless of the model chosen, Vending Machine is classified as a medium to high volatility slot, accommodating bets ranging from 10 pence/cents to £/€100.

When symbols form a winning combination, they vanish from the reels, making way for new symbols to cascade from above. When no fresh wins emerge, the cascade sequence concludes, and players receive their payouts. A winning combination of 5 identical low-value symbols, such as bread, chews, candy, or a lollipop, yields a reward equal to double the initial bet. This payout escalates to between 6 and 20 times the wager when landing 5 ice blocks, soda cans, juice boxes, or drink symbols. Assisting in forming these winning combinations is the popcorn wild symbol, which can substitute for any regular pay symbol.

Exploring Vending Machine’s Slot Features The Vending Machine slot Free spins in the Vending Machine slot Considering Vending Machine’s lineage from Hacksaw Gaming, it comes as no surprise that it incorporates a multiplier system, aptly named “Multiplier Lights.” This feature is available in both the base game and the two bonus rounds, “Lo-Fi Spins” and the “Spin and Chill” bonus.


Multiplier Lights Each row of the grid displays an inactive multiplier on the left-hand side. At the beginning of each spin, these multipliers assume values ranging from x2 to x10. When a winning combination materializes, the multiplier on each row containing winning symbols increases by the number of winning symbols on that specific row. Each symbol contributes to the multiplier by adding +1. The arrival of a Lightning Bolt scatter activates the multiplier on its respective row.

When at least one symbol on an activated row contributes to a winning combo, that row’s multiplier is applied to the overall win. If multiple rows are included, their multiplier values are first combined. Importantly, a row’s multiplier cannot be applied more than once, even if multiple wins occur in that row. When Multiplier Boost symbols make an appearance, the multiplier value on their row doubles. In the event of an Epic Multiplier Boost symbol landing, all values undergo a x2 increase. However, the presence of the Blackout Skull symbol is less favorable, as it deactivates the multiplier on its row.


Remove & Cascade In cases where no additional winning combinations transpire during a spin, there exists a possibility that this feature will activate, leading to an extra cascade. This cascade involves the removal of all low-paying symbols.

Lo-Fi Spins Triggering this feature in the base game requires landing 3 Free Spin symbols. It begins with 3 activated rows of Multiplier Lights and continues until all row multipliers are deactivated.

Spin and Chill Achieving 4 Free Spin symbols during the base game activates this feature, commencing with 5 active rows of multipliers and concluding when no further activations occur.

Bonus Buy

The Bonus Buy Option Vending Machine extends a choice to players via the feature buy menu, all of which are characterized by high volatility:

BonusHunt FeatureSpins – Priced at 3 times the bet, this option significantly enhances the likelihood of triggering a bonus game. The highest RTP available is 96.22%. Lo-Fi Spins – For 100 times the bet, players can access this option, with the highest RTP at 96.18%. Spin and Chill – This choice, priced at 200 times the bet, boasts an RTP of 96.25%. Assessing Vending Machine: Slot Verdict It must be acknowledged that Hacksaw Gaming has aptly calibrated Vending Machine. In comparison to the studio’s other high-volatility releases, this slot leans towards a more tranquil experience. Thematically, at least. However, within the gameplay itself, Vending Machine occasionally offers a dose of excitement akin to savoring salmiak-style liquorice—a treat with a subtle but distinctive kick.

A portion of this thrill stems from the Blackout Skull, which strives to deactivate active multipliers. What intensifies this challenge is the potential for deactivated rows to increase their multipliers when winning symbols land on them. Yet, amidst this dynamic, there’s a glimmer of hope as Lightning Bolt scatters can reactivate rows—even during the free spins round, a fact confirmed during testing. This inclusion proved pleasantly surprising. Consequently, the battle between Blackout Skulls attempting to shut down active reels and Lightning Bolt scatters reviving them may result in fluctuating gaming sessions. The most favorable outcome is reaching the 5,000x bet jackpot, achievable exclusively during the two bonus rounds, as indicated in the game’s information.

Vending Machine Slot Review- Our Verdict

With its ebb and flow nature, categorizing Vending Machine as an entirely serene experience might be a stretch. However, when compared to Hacksaw Gaming’s previous releases (such as Hand of Anubis, Chaos Crew 2, Wanted Dead or Wild, etc.), this game exudes a more subdued vibe. It’s more of a palate cleanser than a high-octane Hacksaw Gaming adventure. Nonetheless, players who find themselves within the Vending Machine’s target audience may appreciate its distinctive approach.

Vending Machine Slot Review 2023